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Men first experience a change in their hairline in their teens, leading to over 60% of men suffering from Male Pattern Baldness (MPB)

MPB is a hereditary condition which occurs when high levels of the male hormone testosterone are converted by the enzyme, 5-alpha reductase to di-hydro testosterone (DHT). These high levels cause hair follicles to age prematurely, shrivel and fall out.




We have reached the new millennium and yet there is no effective treatment for hair loss caused by male pattern baldness. Minoxdil may improve existing hair and slow down early hair loss, however, any consequent re-growth varies from person to person and is of a finer nature. Best results generally occur if the individual is young and their hair loss is at an early stage. However, minoxidil must be applied twice a day to the scalp, every day. Discontinuation quickly results in a reversal of any positive affects.

Finasteride has some effect on some affects on some individuals but we won't really know the long-term side effects until it has been used for a substantial amount of time.

Sadly, the miracle cure is still a distant dream.


There are a variety of surgical methods practised. They involve taking hair from the back of the head and implanted in the area loss.

However, the area of loss is nearly always significantly greater than the donor area, consequently the baldness cannot be covered. Scalp reduction may be necessary- this involves cutting away bald skin and joining together the remaining skin. Unfortunately, when you start losing hair, no one truly knows when it will stop- if ever.

Of course, surgery carries risks and the final outcome may not be a full head of hair or indeed natural looking. Anyone considering surgery should think long and hard before undertaking any surgical procedure- especially one, which is constantly visible. This is decision for life and you will be stuck with whatever the result.


Though we are all different, we all share similar feelings when we suffer hair loss.

>Have you noticed your hair is thinner?
>Has anyone joked or commented about this?
>Does it effect your confidence?
>Has it caused you to worry about windy days? Going swimming? Do you avoid certain Outdoor activities?
>Have you tried to disguise your hair loss by trying different partings? Thickening shampoos? Sprays? Re-growth Lotions?

These are all natural, ordinary actions by all who suffer hair loss and we share similar concerns when considering hair replacement.

>Is it ever too late or too soon to replace thinning hair? Quite simply no.

>Will people notice? You can choose to restore your hair gradually, over months, so alleviating this concern.

>What will people say? Some may comment you've changed your hairstyle or had a good haircut and it looked better. Others may not notice at all.

>Should I tell people? It's up to you. But to those who notice nothing, why say anything? To those who wonder, a Simple explanation is all they look for. You can say you've had some treatment to thicken your hair or you've had it restyled at a new salon or you've had a bit of colour added to your greying hair- whatever works in your situation.

>Isn't it vain? Choosing contact lenses over glasses… choosing to replace teeth or cap them to straighten them… choosing to replace clothes, an old car or furniture? What is vain? It's natural for people to want to look their best.

For years, I was a client with a well known company, paying a small fortune, unaware that another company existed. Then I came across Brummells. Initially, I was fearful of moving- could I trust them? Are they established? Will they be there next year? What I found was an understanding, professional company who provides a far superior product and a higher quality services than I'd been used to. To top it all, I've literally saved over a thousand pounds each year at Brummells. In other words, I'm getting twice the quality for half the price with zero hassle! Can't be bad!

When I first started losing my hair my life was changed dramatically. I lost a lot of self-confidence; going to Brummells changed all of those negative thoughts into positive ones. The level of understanding and care given to me was beyond all of my expectations. Two years ago before I came to Brummells I would never have posed for a photograph of any kind. Now I want to show others what can be achieved and that there is a solution.