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Research & Development

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Brummells H.D.A. Hair Diagnostic Analysis

The H.D.A. is comprehensive analysis of your hair which we utilise to create the perfect head of hair for you. We pride ourselves on our research and development and this service is included within our free consultation

Brummells Trichology Hair Loss and Scalp Treatment is highly stimulating to the hair and the scalp.

After it is first applied, the scalp will turn slightly red for a short time as this is because the blood is being drawn to the surface of the skin where it has a stimulating effect on the hair.

A reduction in the quantity of hair coming out should be noticed within a few weeks followed by an improvement in the growth of hair. The amount of new growth depends on how susceptible the tissues in the hair roots are, in any particular case, to the active ingredients in the treatment.

Some people will experience new growth within a short period of time. In others, the effect of the treatment is stabilisation of the problem rather than the re-growth.

Apply the Brummells Trichology Hair Loss and Scalp Treatment lotion to the thinning area of the scalp once a day for six months. Thereafter it should be applied two or three times a week. One bottle lasts approximately three months.

This product is suitable for both men and women and results have found approximately 80% of the people using Brummells Trichology Hair Loss and Scalp Treatment see an improvement in their hair within six months.

If you have any questions or wish to order please do not hesitate to contact us.

Being at the forefront in the hair industry, Brummells prides itself in developing the most non-surgical methods in dealing with hair loss.

Nevertheless, we are dedicated and committed to a continuous research and development programme, assuring you to be the first to have the latest in modern advancements. "Leaders not only in hair but also in Care"