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Vibration White Finger Compensation Unravelled

The vibration white finger is a secondary form of the Raynaud’s syndrome whereby the finger(s) gets a triggered motion of continuously vibrating as a result of handling industrial vibrating hand held machinery. It is also known as the dead finger or the hand- arm vibration syndrome. More than tens of thousands of industrial workers have been reported to suffer from the vibration white finger condition and it mainly affects the blood vessel, joints of the hand, wrist and arms as well as the muscles. This injury will normally occur with vibration frequencies of five to two thousand hertz being transmitted and the greatest risk is reported to be experienced with a vibration frequency of fifty to one hundred and fifty hertz.

Effects of the Vibration white finger

One will realize the merging of this condition as soon as they feel their finger(s) conducting a vibration movement on its own when they are not handling the industrial machinery. However, for some people it is much harder to detect this especially if they have worked for over three years with these vibration machinery and will only be able to realize this problem when someone around them asks them why their fingers are vibrating or even when they try to feed themselves and find their finger(s) shaking while trying to balance the spoon with food before placing the food in the mouth.

Some of the main effects accrued as a result of developing the vibration white finger condition include:

1. Numbness or tingling whiteness in the finger(s). This effect is usually hard to notice in its mild stages as it may only occur at the finger tips and when it is severe the whole finger turns white and feeling is lost.

2. Finger(s) colour change. In this case the blood vessels are affected and when exposed to cold the fingers turns pale and some time an intense red flush can occur as a result of eventual proper blood circulation.

3. Manual dexterity is lost. An individual is unable to have full grip strength, may experience pain which can last up to an hour and this will mainly occur during the cold season, at work, and during normal activities such as car washing.

Compensation Claims

If you are currently working in an industry where you directly handle vibration machinery that transmit this vibration through your body, and you develop the vibration white finger condition you can definitely make your compensation claim as this is considered to be a personal injury that could have been prevented by the company you are working for.

In order to make this compensation claim you need to follow these steps:

1. Consult a professionally licensed attorney who is specialized and experienced with making the vibration white finger compensation claims and have them review your case and advise on the best steps to undertake.

2. Do not cross the time limit of three years from when you first witnessed this development of this health condition as it may only get worse and this will be ruled as negligence on your part.

3. Have your medical report indicating the severity of your vibration white finger health condition well enough to get an estimated value of your compensation claim form your attorney.

The compensation claims can normally add up to:

1. Severe condition: £11,000 – £25, 000

2. Moderate condition: £3,000- £11,000

3. Minor condition: Under £3,000


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