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5 Examples Of UK Medical Or Clinical Negligence Claims

5 Examples of UK Medical or Clinical Negligence Claims, Compensation amounts, Where the negligence Took Place written by: Dorcus

Too many patients end up with challenges or possible death as a result of medical or clinical negligence by their doctors. In a given medical centre, the doctor might not be fully qualified to carry out some specific medical procedures. When such a situation occurs, a patient is entitled to a medical negligence claim for compensation of all that they have lost. Here are some of the examples of clinical negligence claims in the UK.

1. Recovery of £55k by a 27 year old due to delays in fractured bone diagnosis.

Samuel hurt his ankle when he was playing football, which caused him instant pain and his ankle was inflated severely. He was then taken for X-rays at A & E, but the staff at the hospital couldn’t spot the fracture from the x-rays done. After a couple of months, he underwent further CT scans and x-rays by an orthopaedic, who noted a fracture on the preliminary x-ray taken by the doctors. He sought for the help of solicitors, who claimed for his compensation and he was successfully awarded £55,000 by the hospital.

2. £65k compensation awarded to parents after the death of their 16month old baby.

Francis and Anna went to the Accident and Emergency department along with their son, John, who suffered from breathlessness and severe cough. Even though John was moved to the ICU, he was released days after and recommended to join the standard department. In the process, John was unconscious and was transferred to Southampton, where he was diagnosed with Influenza B. The treatment was withdrawn because the brain was devastated in excess and John finally died at the Southampton hospital. It was cited that he would have survived, had he received the appropriate care. The hospital was sued and the parents were compensated with £65,000.

3. Unnecessary Mistakes by a hospital relative to a stillbirth claim

Joan sued a hospital that caused damages that related to the stillbirth of her child as a result of medical negligence. She was expecting to give birth, but was diabetic, she visited a hospital when she noted her baby moving and was told that the baby received less blood. She was therefore forced to deliver, at 31 weeks pregnant. When she was transferred to another hospital, she was told that an instant delivery wasn’t relevant. In the long run, she lost her baby and the hospital was charged with £43,000 in compensation.

4. £50K received for stillbirth case compensation

Vivianne and Tony, her partner, sued for compensation following the stillbirth of their child, Anita. Vivianne had a relatively usual pregnancy, but due to some concerned that she experienced, she visited a hospital that ran some pre-eclampsia tests that were null. She ended up losing her baby and filed for a medical negligence claim and was compensated about £50,000, which she and Tony accepted.

5. Compensation of £30K for Pressure Sore Claim

Mrs. Peters had some pressure sores, which she contacted a hospital for treatment, unfortunately, she was given a slight treatment and released. In the long run, Mrs. Peters ended up having pressure sores, which were severe and affected her. She filed for compensation and the hospital admitted to their negligence, which caused them over £30,000.

These are some of the examples of successful compensation of medical negligence claim in the UK. The hospitals admitted for their negligence and all the claims were compensated, legally.


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